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Rodney Liddell is a Controversial Author and self taught photographer and writer who spent years working in the mining industry on Bougainville and Western Australia.

Rodney Liddell

He used his savings to photograph his numerous research projects around the world in various extremes from damp, wet jungles of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to the hot dry deserts of Afghanistan and Iran.

Many of his exclusive articles and photographs including Yamamoto’s wrecked bomber in the dense Bougainville jungle appeared in magazines such as Australasian Post and People. 

Rodney Liddell’s greatest challenge was the ten years of researching the amazing history of Australia’s “Cape York Peninsula”. His base camp was situated at “Pilgrim Sands” in the muggy wet rainforest of Cape Tribulation, amid an environment of devastating tropical cyclonic storms, snakes, wild pigs, and even bush rats climbing up the inside wall of his tent.

It was here that the author initially spent several years writing and researching from archival documents, etc.  He was shocked to learn that academics were deliberately lying and distorting the truth on Australian history in the name of political correctness.  Therefore, he set about  writing the truth using the very same documents they had misrepresented. Years were spent delving into Australian archives to bring out the truth that they tried to hide.

When this remarkable book Cape York – The Savage Frontier  was first published it became “The most controversial and historically accurate  book” ever written on Australian history and was such a huge success amongst the public that numerous attempts were made behind the scenes to have it banned.

Consequently it became extremely difficult to advertise through various elements of the media. They obviously had a lot to hide. Yet when the subject of aboriginal cannibalism was raised  in the media, Channel 7 interviewed Rodney Liddell for their evening news and  the public finally had the facts correct.

An attempt was also alleged to have been  made by corrupt politicians to have the book  totally  banned in  Australia through the Australian Federal Parliament .

All these attempts to  silence the truth have now  failed and  the book  is  more popular than ever.

With  the  success of Cape York – The Savage Frontier the  author went on to write   the  beautiful story ofChildren of  Destiny that had been on his heart for 40 years. The author was one of the original  86 world famous children known as the “Hopewood Children of Australia”.

However this book  was also considered too controversial  and the major women’s magazines refused to review it. The Hopewood children were raised on a diet of natural foods and were free of  vaccinations and fluoride and consequently they became the healthiest children ever documented in the Western world.


This is the website of Rodney Liddell, controversial author of Cape York - The Savage Frontier, Children of Destiny and Concealed And Exposed