Cape York The Savage Frontier

Cape York The Savage Frontier

Cape York The Savage FrontierOne of the most accurate and controversial books ever written on Australian History.


  • 276 Pages — Hardback Cover
  • 32 Colour Pages with 11 Maps and
  • 45 Black & White Historical Photos

Cape York The Savage Frontier – Australia’s best selling book on Queensland’s Cape York. This is the book the politicians tried to ban in the Federal Parliament in 1997.

It delves into the massacres and beheadings of shipwrecked castaways of men andwomen and children, such as the Charles Eaton and Sperwer massacres. It tells of the Kennedy Expedition of Australia’s worst exploration disaster.

The most heart-wrenching story is of shipwrecked survivor, Barbara Thompson, held captive for five years by headhunters and finally rescued by the warship HMS Rattlesnake in 1849. It includes the poignant story of Lizzie Watson, who died with her baby escaping from aborigines on Lizard Island in an open water tank.

This book is a must for those interested in Australian history.

Cape York The Savage Frontier Chapter 1 “An Aboriginal Invasion of Australia”

The irrefutable and astounding anthropological evidence that the original indigenous aborigine of Australia was of a Papuan race [Ulotrici] and not the present race of aborigines [Cymotrici] whose Pre-Dravidian ancestors invaded Australia from Southern India and Ceylon [Sri Lanka] and annihilated the original Papuan Aborigines of Australia.

Cape York The Savage Frontier Chapter 2 “Corsairs of the Coral Sea”

Massacres of shipwrecked castaways who were beheaded and eaten by aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders during the 1800’s. Includes the massacres of the passengers and crew of the “Charles Eaton” in 1834.

Cape York The Savage Frontier Cape York The Savage Frontier Chapter 3 “Giom of the Kauraregas”

The incredible story of shipwrecked castaway “Barbara Thompson. Wrecked on the “America” she was captured by headhunters and held for 5 years. She witnessed the “eating of human heads” and the “live burial of their babies”. [This is my favourite story and was the most difficult to research].

Cape York The Savage Frontier Chapter 5 – 10 “Somerset”

The amazing story of the Jardine Family and the establishment of a “Refuge for Castaways” at Australia’s most northern point Cape York in 1864 at beautiful Albany Pass. It includes the Jardine Cattle Drive when 10 men pushed 250 cattle over 1000 miles to Cape York through jungle, swamps and aboriginal attacks. It includes the massacre and beheading of the “Sperwer” crew and the fight to rescue a captured white woman. Finally came “The battle of Somerset” when the Yadagana aborigines marched on Somerset Refuge and tried to wipe out every man, woman and child only to be repulsed and defeated.

Cape York The Savage Frontier Chapter 14 “Lizzie Watson”

The story of “Lizzie Watson” who was left with her baby and 2 Chinese servants on Lizard Island, off Cape York Peninsula. She was attacked by aborigines who killed and ate one of her servants. She escaped with her baby and the other servant in a ship’s square water tank. Lizzie drifted for 5 days only to die of thirst with her baby and servant.

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