Children of Destiny

Children of Destiny, by Rodney Liddell.

Daddy Bailey took 85 Australian War babies from the torment of World War 2 and raised them on a diet of natural foods. These children became known as the Children of Destiny.

The Children of Destiny were never immunised or given fluoridated water. Yet, they were to become the healthiest group of children ever recorded to have achieved such excellent dental and physical health in the western world.

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The ‘Hopewood Diet‘ is the only diet ever documented to have raised such a large group of babies into adults virtually free of dental and medical illness.

To this day that record has never been equalled.

The story of the Children of Destiny and “Daddy Bailey”, who sheltered 240 pregnant girls during the Pacific War [WW2] in Sydney Australia. Most of these girls were made pregnant by US and Australian servicemen. He raised 86 of their babies on a diet of natural foods from the profits of his lingerie company called “Chic-Salon”.

They were known world wide as the “Hopewood Children of Australia”. These children were never vaccinated and their water was never fluoridated, yet they became the healthiest children ever documented in the western world. They all had near perfect health and teeth.

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Sydney, Australia 1942
“She was young, no more than 16. They found her down a rat-infested alley. She lay on her back, her long blonde hair a wet and tangled mess. Her eyes stared motionless toward the heavens, whilst the countenance upon her face, portrayed a picture of the intense agony she had endured at the hands of a backyard abortionist. Nearby, they found the torn remains of the foetus, wrapped in newspaper and dumped in a rubbish bin. Etched on the dusty wall were the slivered drag marks, made by her fingers, as she grappled desperately for support with her last breath of life, only to collapse and die in a pool of blood.”

The terrible record of backyard abortionism in Australia is one of this country’s most gruesome and best kept secrets. Neither the authorities or the public wanted to be reminded of its horrifying past so it has been conveniently swept under the carpet for decades. It is rarely ever mentioned even by the media. In retrospect it was society’s indifference towards the unwed mother that allowed criminal elements to operate in such a callous manner. Although the true casualty rate from backyard abortions was virtually impossible to calculate most of the victims who were lucky to survive were damaged for life. As abortions were illegal then the utmost secrecy was used, through special contacts, in arranging for the operation.

This young girl was a typical teenager of her time, who loved life and wanted to live life to its fullest.. She breathed life and felt it deep within her veins. Now she lay a blooded corpse in this “Corridor of death” in downtown Sydney. To the Authorities of the day, she was just another victim of the “Backyard Abortion Rackets”. In their eyes, she was simply a statistic, a number on a chart.

In was this continuous trade in young human lives, that caused a 51 year old Sydney businessman to be so concerned for the plight of these young girls, that he now took up the issue. Where the police and government had failed miserably, he was to succeed in a most amazing manner.