Concealed and Exposed

This book exposes what has been Concealed and Exposed from the public and ends with a mass of colour of the City of Perth, the Festival City of Australia.

Concealed and Exposed

Concealed and ExposedWhat the media and politicians didn’t tell the public such as the political and media cover up of the “Port Arthur Massacre” in Australia.

Concealed and Exposed: The Banks’ history of murder and corruption.

Concealed and Exposed: The religious massacre of 1.7 million Serbs by the “Ustashi” in Croatia 1941-43.

Concealed and Exposed: The inside job of 9-11. The Clinton drug scandal.

The last 40 pages portray in brilliant colour the long lost photos (1978-1980) of the Festival of Perth and the Hyde Park Festival.

Also includes WAY79, the 150th Anniversary of Western Australia, the Skylab crash over Western Australia and the Murray Street Parade of 1979 and much more.

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Photos from Perth and The Festival of Perth, 1980 (Concealed and Exposed)
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This book exposes what the media and politicians didn’t tell the public such as the political and media cover up of the “Port Arthur Massacre” in Australia. The Banks’ history of murder and corruption. The religious massacre of 1.7 million Serbs by the “Ustashi” in Croatia 1941-43. The inside job of 9-l1. The Clinton drug scandal.

The Russian sub Kursk torpedoed by the USS Memphis.The “Waco Massacre”. The “Oklahoma bombing”. The destruction of Western Austra1ia’s unique Jarrah Forest by Alcoa and more. It ends with the portrayal of what a peaceful society is all about with the amazing colourful festivities of the City of Perth in Western Australia.

Colour Section

This includes many professional photos that were stolen by the American photo agency “Globe Photos Inc” in New York City for 25 years and only retrieved with the help of Consumer Affairs in New York. The best photos were never returned. Anyone in possession of these photos or copies thereof are in violation of copyright law.

The following are some of the chapters in brief:

  • PORT ARTHUR The shocking revelation of the massacre at Australia’s Port Arthur, Here the police identified a “terrorist team” of 3 not just a lone gunman. The doctors forum took place in Hobart on that very day to attend the wounded. A 22 body freezer hearst was in Hobart. Seascape Cottage was set on fire by the Police to flush out the terrorists . The professional shooter was right handed whilst the amateur Bryant is left handed. Learn how witnesses were banned from testifying because the truth would be exposed . Read how the killers used Seascape Cottage as the base for the attack on Port Arthur. Read of the practise run by SES of an attack on Port Arthur only days before the massacre. Also the allegations of false evidence used in the court hearing.
  • THE BANKS This chapter exposes the history of the banks and includes their corruption and murder of American presidents who refused to do their bidding.
  • USS LIBERTY In 1967 the world almost went to nuclear war when Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attacked an America CIA ship the USS Liberty, killing 34 men and wounding 173. It was planned the ship must be sunk at all costs and there would be no survivors and Egypt with Russian backing could he blamed. The ship survived and the truth finally came out. The nuclear bombers were recalled just in time.
  • 9-11 WTC ATTACK It exposes the hidden issues of 9- ll such as the 690 mile oil pipeline through Afghanistan, the Anthrax scare you weren’t told about, the US threat to invade if the Afghans refuse to allow the pipeline. It proves it was an inside job of implosions .[WTC-I-2&7]
  • USTASHI During world war 2 the religious Ustashi terrorists of Croatia in Yugoslavia, murdered 1.7 million people because they would not convert to the Catholic Church. Incredible and shocking as you leam how they did it and the west turned a blind eye to the worst massacres of WW2.
  • OKLAHOMA and WACO The shocking truth of the “Oklahoma bombing” and the military explosives found inside the building. The evidence that the truck explosion did not and could not bring down the building. The “Waco massacre” is revealed as you learn that the US Authorities murdered men, women and children in its campaign of terrorism and suppression of religious minorities.
  • KURSK Remember the Russian submarine “Kursk” which was supposedly sunk by its own faulty torpedo. In fact it was torpedoed by the USS Memphis in a brilliant cover up exposed by the BBC.
  • CLINTON The exposure of the corrupt President and Hillary Clinton and the murders of over 20 people who tried to expose them of drug running during his time as Governor of Arkansas and later of sexual perversion as US President .
  • ALCOA Finally there is the worst environmental disaster of Western Australia. This is the destruction of the pristine Jarrah Forest by the giant mining company Alcoa.
  • PERTH – WESTERN AUSTRALIA. From the horrific disasters of mankind we come to the more civilised society of the City of Perth in Western Australia. Here we have beautiful colour plates of this vibrant city, its people and its festivals. In addition a special coloured section is especially devoted to women, their dancing and modelling.