Pacific War Relics Book

Pacific War RelicsThis full colour book of Pacific War Relics contains 74 10″ x 8″ pages of war relics photographed in 1980-82 of Bougainville, Rabaul, Ballalae and Guadal canal. They were just some of the hundreds of pictures stolen by Globe Photos inc.

The photos were taken on 120 [6×7] and 4×5 transparencies.

The book includes;

  • The Australian coast watchers and how they saved Kennedy and pt109 crew
  • The massacre of hundreds of British POWs by us bombers on Ballalae and the                   evidence the US knew they were there from the coast watchers information
  • How the US purchased copied blueprints of the Japanese codes
  • Who really shot down Yamamoto
  • The bait of the USS Lanakai to bring America into WW2

Pacific War Relics photos include:

  • Yamamoto’s bomber Pillsbury’s  corsair
  • Kahili air base
  • Ballalae air base
  • Australian and Japanese tanks
  • Japanese and American aircraft
  • Field and shore guns

And much more.

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We are taught of the horror of war and constantly point the blame at the numerous invaders throughout modern history, but rarely are the silent manipulators of war ever mentioned. These are the commercial instigators and profiteers of wars, such as the powerful Central Banks, the arms manufacturers and oil companies, whose multinational shareholders have made trillions of dollars out of war.

These same share holders spread their greedy tentacles into companies around the globe, choking off any opposition in their desire for market domination over the long term. Whilst young men only want to live in a peaceful environment raising their families, they are forced to fight and die by the millions to satisfy the lustful cravings of greed by the politicians and their multinational backers.

These Pacific War Relics photographs portray the grim reality of war where men on both sides died horrifying deaths in so many war machines, never to see their loved ones again.

2013 | ISBN 978-0-646-90209-8