Pacific War Relics

Pacific War Relics on Southern Bougainville, Rabaul and Guadal Canal – These incredibly sharp photos were taken during 1980-1982. Most have never been published before. They include Aircraft, tanks, Admiral Yamamotos Bomber, Pilsbury’s Corsair fighter, a large Japanese bunker, Shore guns, a huge concrete ammo dump and the memorial to Yamamoto.  A short distance away is the Japanese Kahili Air Base with a Betty Bomber on the overgrown tarmac and zero fighters in the jungle verge.

Pacific War Relics at Rabaul

At Rabaul the Japanese built over 250 miles of tunnels using slave labour of POWs. One of these tunnels hid patrol barges during the day. Another was the control center for the anti-aircraft lights. On a nearby jungle covered airbase aircraft are still rusting away.

On Guadalcanal is the U.S.Memorial on “Bloody Ridge”, and the Control Tower at Henderson field. Includes Jap Howitzer, Wildcat, Corsair and Lightning fighters.

Note; Corsair number 17804 Pilot Charles Pilsbury. The “Chain Assembly” of the tail wheel doors is for sale to the highest bidder.

Pacific War Relics