Port Arthur Massacre

Port Arthur MassacrePort Arthur Massacre

I am indebted to the following sources for information of the Port Arthur Massacre at Tasmania- Australia.

  • Andrew Macgregor — “Deceipt and Terrorism — The Massacre at Port Arthur”
  • Joe Vialls — “Deadly Deception at Port Arthur”

Andrew McGregor is an ex police officer of 17 years experience who compiled the incredible information with the assistance of police officers in the States of Victoria and NSW. This was compiled into his book and CD titled “Deceipt and Terrorism — The Massacre at Port Arthur”

Joe Vialls was an international researcher who had been employed in various international security organisations and had a Nato Security Clearance. His book deals considerably on the weapons used and the court transcripts. He died from a massive heart attack.

As I am not an authority of this terrible atrocity I can only pass on information as recorded by these two authors and researchers. Even these two differ widely on their research into the events that took place that day and who was responsible for the massacre.

Two killed at Seascape Cottage — 20 killed at Broad Arrow café — 4 killed at bus depot — mother and 2 children killed on road —4 killed at toll booth — 1 killed at servo — 1 kidnapped and killed at Seascape Cottage.

Total; 35 dead.

Barry Unsworth, Premier of NSW, Dec, 1987.
Port Arthur Massacre.

Tasmanian massacre threat by politician – A 22 body Hearse in Hobart — Terrorist training exercises — Doctors forum — Forged video evidence – Bryant not at Port Arthur — The media lies – ASIO involvement — The 3 terrorists at Seascape — Jamie was not Bryant — The wrong guns — Israeli short barrel used— No DNA or fingerprints of Bryant at café — Testimony of witnesses refused – — Bryant was hostage. – Bryants IQ 66— Intelligence of 12 year old— Killer was a right handed professional. 19 killed by headshots in minutes. Bryant was left handed.

On Sunday the 2Sth April 1996 a lone professional gunman massacred 35 people at the historic site of the Port Arthur Penal Colony in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

Official Account

The official account of the Massacre at Port Arthur appears to be a massive political cover up and the media version goes like this.

At around 1.28 pm on Sunday the 28th April 1996, a blonde haired gunman named Martin Bryant shot dead 35 people and wounded 22 at the famous Tasmanian tourist site of Port Arthur and nearby Seascape Cottage.

According to this official account he is said to have had a meal at the Broad Arrow Café and then calmly stood up from his table and removed from a bag a military rifle identified as a Colt ARl5Armalite and whilst firing from the right hip shot dead2Q people andwounded 12 in 60 seconds.

Of the 20 dead 19 were killed by head shots with only 29 bullets.. He then emerged from the café five minutes later and shot randomly whilst he walked to his car and changed guns to a Belgian FN-FAL. He then moved to the area of the “Port Arthur Historical Site” car park and killed 4 people and wounded 5. then to the Toll Booth where he shot the

Micak family consisting of a mother and her 2 children and shot at other occupants in cars that approached. He then seized the BMW and shot dead the 4 occupants and drove to the nearby General Store and Port Arthur Service Station. Here he shot dead Zoe Hall and kidnapped Glen Pears, her friend.

He then drove another 4 kilometres to the entrance of Seascape cottage and fired on 6 Passing cars and wounded Linda White with a shot in the arm. Others received minor wounds from broken windows. He then drove into Seascape and waited for the police siege.

The next morning with Seascape Cottage on fire he emerged from the building with his clothing in flames and collapsed to the ground and was arrested.

Police later found 3 charred bodies in the burnt out Seascape. These were the owner David Martin who had been shot twice, knifed and gagged His wife sally Martin who had been clubbed to death and Glen Pears who had been handcuffed and shot.

The total death toll was 35 dead and 22 wounded.

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