Red Dog of Western Australia

Red Dog of Western Australia

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Red Dog of Western Australia

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No one seemed to know his name, so the miners simply called him ‘Red Dog’.

He was a kelpie-cross who loved the mining towns of Dampier, Paraburdoo and Toni Price in the north west of Western Australia. There were various rumours about his origins. Sonic say his master was killed whilst working for Hamersley Iron Mining Company and he just stayed on.

The Red Dog of Western Australia was an extremely intelligent animal and if he decided to travel throughout the mining towns, then he would simply board the bus and take his seat like any other passenger. Red Dog loved travelling on Hamersley Iron buses.

Over the years his reputation spread and he became a kind of mascot to thousands of admirers in the Pilbara mining industry. Of the thousands who loved him, there was one individual who did not like Red Dog and killed him with a poison bait.

It was a painful demise to a wonderful canine friend. The mining community thought so highly of Red Dog that a statue was erected in his honour. This was their way of immortalising Red Dog the miners friend.

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Red Dog is now a major motion picture.

Red Dog of Western Australia Wikipaedia

Wiki Excerpt:

Red Dog is believed to have been born in the galway town of Paraburdoo in 1971and had a variety of names to those who knew him, including: Bluey, Tally Ho, and Dog of the Northwest.Tally Ho was his first name, given to him by a man called Col Cummings, who is believed to have been his first owner and the one who brought him to Dampier. The nickname “Red Dog” has been attributed to the red dirt of the Pilbara Region (although “red dog” is a common nickname for red kelpies and heelers much in the same way as “blue dog” is a common nickname for Australian Cattle Dogs). His second owner was John Stazzonelli, a bus/truck driver with Hamersley Iron, whose work allowed Red to travel as far as Perth, Broome, Roebourne, Point Samson and Port Hedland.