This book should be read by every Australian.
S. S, Qld

I congratulate you on your book “Cape York The Savage Frontier”. Your research has been most thorough.
N. M, Qld

My girlfriend, a notable archaeologist from Geraldton W.A told me I must read your book “Cape York The Savage Frontier”.
Dr J .O, NSW

I have just finished reading your book “The Savage Frontier”, the first hard cover book I’ve read in twenty years. My family was amazed that I turned off the T.V. to read a book. Not being much of a reader I found your book to be written in a style that was very easy to follow. The topics you cover should be taught in schools.
D. B, Qld

I received a gift in the form of a book titled “The Savage Frontier” prior to Christmas. I lent it to a dear friend who read it. He was completely fascinated with it. He phoned to inform me that he wants to keep it. I would like to obtain another copy.
C. M, Qld

As an ex-solider, I have always admired physical courage and especially moral courage. Intelligence and integrity do not always go together so I was extremely pleased to view your book “Cape York”. You have my admiration and support.
A. H, Qld

We have had requests for your books. When clients spoke about your book, we feel it is one that we should have in our stock.
Art Gallery & Book Shop, NT

I felt after reading your book Cape York that I had to write and tell you how amazed I was, I can’t believe what rubbish we have been fed with some of Australia’s history and what’s happening in our country today regarding land claims.

I would love to purchase several copies of your book “Cape York The Savage Frontier”. At the moment, I am reading a copy borrowed from a friend but I definitely must purchase my own. This is what we learnt at school in Social Studies in the 60’s but not what my children have been taught.
Woodford, Qld.